Chessington World of Adventures

We won some lovely CIPR awards for former client Chessington World of Adventures for our work on the opening of Wild Asia. Our brief was to build interest in Wild Asia in the winter months before it opened in March. By providing the media with a combination of news and spoof stories at different points in the campaign we were able to deliver continuous coverage for the new land both before and at launch stage.

TV was considered to be the holy grail for coverage and we secured this with a number of creative hooks including the lorikeet lagoon (a story around a shortage of lorikeets making populating the lagoon tricky); delivery of the Kobra head for the new ride; tuck-shop trials where a media drop and on-park filming opportunities with edible insects secured significant national and broadcast coverage; and snake massages provided a visual news story for the new hero ride. Recognising that the campaign would also benefit from an overarching PR property, we also launched a search for Britain’s Most Adventurous Family.

The PR campaign secured 470 pieces of coverage including 63 pieces of broadcast coverage, 30 national press articles and 33 pieces of consumer media coverage.


Wild Asia