Who we are

Hummingbirds are renowned for achieving the seemingly impossible, being very fast moving and having the unique ability to fly backwards when necessary…

If it’s possible, we will find a way to do it. We are nimble and quick when we need to be or thoughtful and strategic when that is what the PR brief calls for. We can’t fly backwards but we can find new ways around obstacles in our path to achieve our clients’ goals be it dazzling media coverage, stunning events, or preventing an issue from becoming a crisis..

Through creative thinking and intelligent PR, our team has won awards for client campaigns. We combine the best of ‘big’ agency expertise, contacts and thinking with the passion of ‘boutique’ agency commitment, value and senior hands-on involvement every day, not just at the pitch.

We bring experience, energy and enthusiasm to every challenge, drawing from the very best talent out there to implement PR programmes and event management for our clients.